We advance our mission across all our commitments through a variety of projects designed to serve and support our stakeholders. Search and explore hundreds of projects to learn more about our on-the-ground impacts in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

  • Culinary Partners

    Culinary Partners

    GMRI is proud to partner with area restaurants to promote responsibly harvested seafood from fishermen and purveyors in the Gulf of Maine. They have committed …

  • Regional Teacher Communities

    Regional Teacher Communities

    Across our education efforts we support educators with professional learning opportunities that help them engage students in authentic science learning experiences. Workshops introduce educators to …

  • Tracing Seafood Back to the Gulf of Maine

    Tracing Seafood Back to the Gulf of Maine

    GMRI works directly with seafood suppliers in the middle of the supply chain, collecting third party traceability information and licensing suppliers to use the Gulf …

  • Verifying Responsible Harvest

    Verifying Responsible Harvest

    The Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested label highlights seafood that meets important criteria around responsible harvest. To verify a species, GMRI develops assessment reports with …

  • Electronic Monitoring (EM)

    Electronic Monitoring (EM)

    In an attempt to reduce the expense of at-sea monitoring, we are working with managers and fishermen to develop cost-effective alternatives. Electronic monitoring (EM) offers …

  • Sustainable Seafood Program

    Sustainable Seafood Program

    We work with industry leaders across the supply chain to build market demand and empower consumers to find and buy Gulf of Maine seafood. We …

  • Marine Resource Education Program

    Marine Resource Education Program

    MREP empowers fishermen with better understanding of how, when, and where to engage effectively in fishery management with workshops guided by local industry members several …

  • Maine Aquaculture Workforce Development Strategy

    Maine Aquaculture Workforce Development Strategy

    In Maine’s aquaculture industry the workforce shortage has been an obstacle to growth for many businesses. This in-depth analysis aims to help determine the current …

  • South Portland Pier Aquaculture and Fishing Needs Assessment

    South Portland Pier Aquaculture and Fishing Needs Assessment

    In 2017, GMRI’s Aquaculture Program partnered with the City of South Portland and GEI Consultants to develop a Master Plan or long-term vision for the …

  • Aquaculture Top Gun

    Aquaculture Top Gun

    Top Gun is a unique entrepreneurial training program that has helped accelerate the growth of over 200 startup companies since 2009. Our program is tailored …

  • The Maine Aquaculturist: An Aquaculture Knowledge Portal

    The Maine Aquaculturist: An Aquaculture Knowledge Portal

    The Aquaculture Knowledge Portal is a comprehensive, accessible, and practical information portal that assists commercial aquaculture businesses in understanding and utilizing business-relevant aquaculture resources.

  • Fisheries Technical Assistance Program

    Fisheries Technical Assistance Program

    GMRI’s Fisheries Technical Assistance Program provides a range of technical, convening, and innovation services to New England’s commercial fishing industry to promote the long-term prosperity …